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Grain Trading

Grain Trading Services

We can offer such shipments as:
-sunflower seeds
-soya beans

You can choose any quality and any quantity of the product.

The grain trade department is mainly engaged in the sale of grain and oilseeds which we grow in our own fields. All raw materials undergo quality control in modern laboratories and are stored in Avvaterra's own granaries, equipped in accordance with world agricultural standards.

The company also purchases oats, wheat, and corn from its reliable partners, carefully checking the quality of the raw materials and ensuring its best storage conditions.

Shipping service

Shipping Agency Services

The company has its own self-propelled and non-self-propelled fleets, which means we can provide the dispatch of your goods between the ports situated on the Danube river in Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, including Constanta through the Chernovoda-Constanta canal, Bulgaria and Serbia. The company also intends to expand its service and supply its fleet with sea dry cargo vessels.

Elevators and Warehousing

Warehousing Services

The company has modern silos with a total volume of 130000 tons and is ready to offer you not only the warehousing but also such things as the transportation by our own cars and wagon fleets, high-quality service for drying and cleaning grain, qualified analysis of cargo's quality.

Agency and Forwarding

Port Agency Services

Agency and forwarding services in the port of Reni and agency services in the Sulina Canal.

Through its branch offices and regular partners, Avvaterra is ready to offer you high-quality agency services for your river and sea vessels in the port of Reni and the Sulina Canal. The company also can forward your goods and provide help with issuing a full set of cargo documents in the port of Reni.

Agency companies we work with have more than 10 years of experience in ship agency services and can additionally provide services for changing crews, supplies, customs clearance and delivery of spare parts, organizing minor repairs, nominating competent independent surveyors, protecting the rights of shipowners in the port of Reni and the Sulina Canal. All services are provided by qualified agents 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

The freight forwarding department arranges for the issuance of cargo documents, including Phyto - certificates, cargo fumigation, cargo analysis, settlement of disputes with regulatory state bodies.

About us

Trading company AvvaTerra AG, Switzerland was founded in 2018. The main activity is the wholesale trade of grain, oilseeds, and legumes, as well as the organization of the process of transportation of the cargoes to customers, including truck and rail transportation, storage in ports, transshipment to sea and river vessels, preparation of a full set of cargo documentation and, in fact, delivery of cargoes by sea or river vessels to the final destination. We can propose various grain, sunflower seeds, bean parcels in different quantities, short terms and using the most convenient delivery methods.

In addition, the company can offer shipowners a full range of agency services in the port of Reni and in the Sulina Chanal. And our proposal for cargo owners is storage of cargoes in the port of Reni and forwarding, as well as transportation on the low Danube by our river self-propelled and non-self-propelled fleet To carry out this activity, the company has experienced professional specialists who are successfully working in the global grain market. We also have our own river fleet, wagons, warehouses in ports, modern grain terminal, agent and forwarding sub-companies in the port of Reni ( in management).

Despite the short period of work, the company quickly took a leading position in trading grain and oilseed cargo from the ports of the southern Danube to the countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, ship agency services and forwarding services in the port of Reni. The principles of the company have formed a culture and values that contribute to its ambitious plans, obtaining the best business solutions and long-term partnerships with both cargo buyers and shipowners involved in the transport process.

Nothing is more valued in the business world than the reputation of a reliable partner. We are young, flexible and know how to make quick and effective decisions. A distinctive feature of our employees is a constant desire for training, improvement and quick adaptation to any changes in the global market

Company motto: Our professionalism, stability, and success - your peace of mind and benefit!

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